dps caster weapons for casuals (shadowlands)

DPS Caster Weapons for Casuals (Shadowlands)

Here we outline some simple instructions on how to acquire weapons for your character. For a casual player it’s generally easier to get a two handed weapon with a decent item level than it is two separate items for a main hand and off hand.

Covenant Campaign Weapon Reward

At the very end of your Covenant Campaign you will get a LFR weapon token that can be turned in with the Raid Finder Weaponsmith in your Covenant Sanctum for an ilevel 187 epic weapon.

World Quests, Mission Table, Tribute Rewards

Various weapons can be acquired through World Quests in Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth at varying ilevels (based upon your current ilevel and Covenant Renown). Additionally a lot of the same weapons, as well as different ones, can be acquired through the Mission Table or from Tribute Rewards from Covenant Callings such as tribute of the paragon Tribute of the Paragon.

Some of the best options, outside of dungeons/raids or the weapon reward from the Covenant Campaign, is to monitor World Quests in Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth.

It’s worth noting that item rewards from World Quests scale with your item level with a cap as to how high it can go based upon your Covenant Renown level, so as you continue to improve your gear and increase your renown it’s still beneficial to watch World Quests for rewards that may be better than what you currently have equipped even if it’s the same item.

BoE Weapons

Dungeon Weapon Drops

collector's pulse staff Collector’s Pulse StaffTwo-Hand StaffDealer Xy’exaDe Other Side
nathrian ferula Nathrian FerulaTwo-Hand StaffLord ChamberlainHalls of Atonement
lakali's spire of knowledge Lakali’s Spire of KnowledgeTwo-Hand StaffTred’ovaMists of Tirna Scithe
fleshcrafter's knife Fleshcrafter’s KnifeOne Hand DaggerXav the UnfallenTheater of Pain
surgical pustule extractor Surgical Pustule ExtractorOne Hand DaggerGlobgrogPlaguefall
amarth's spellblade Amarth’s SpellbladeOne Hand SwordAmarth, The HarvesterThe Necrotic Wake
kaal's gloomblade Kaal’s GloombladeOne Hand SwordGeneral KaalSanguine Depths
vessel of shining radiance Vessel of Shining RadianceHeld In Off-handGrand Proctor BerylliaSanguine Depths
deathwalker's promise Deathwalker’s PromiseHeld In Off-handMordrethaTheater of Pain
nathrian tabernacle Nathrian TabernacleHeld In Off-handHigh Adjudicator AleezHalls of Atonement
acidslough bulwark Acidslough BulwarkOff Hand ShieldTred’ovaMists of Tirna Scithe
encrusted canopic lid Encrusted Canopic LidOff Hand ShieldSurgeon StitchfleshThe Necrotic Wake
barricade of the endless empire Barricade of the Endless EmpireOff Hand ShieldMordrethaTheater of Pain

PvP Weapons

These PvP weapon rewards are rather easy to obtain. They can be purchased with honor Honor, which can be relatively easily acquired through unrated battlegrounds. These items start out at item level 158 and can be upgraded inexpensively to higher item levels with additional Honor points.

To redeem your Honor points and purchase one of these items you can find the Vendors in Oribos. For detailed information you can view the Shadowlands PvP Vendors, Rewards, & Gear guide on Warcraft Tavern.

sinful aspirant's staff Sinful Aspirant’s StaffTwo Hand Staff1750 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's crescent Sinful Aspirant’s CrescentOne Hand Dagger1325 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's gavel Sinful Aspirant’s GavelOne Hand Mace1325 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's orb Sinful Aspirant’s OrbHeld In Off-hand425 honor Honor
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