simple cloth dps caster gear guide (shadowlands)

Simple Cloth DPS Caster Gear Guide (Shadowlands)

Here we outline some simple instructions on how to progressive gear your character. This is not a best in slot list, this is a guide to help you progressively get gear outside of raids that can still be competitive.

Make sure you prioritize the stats as listed in your Class Guide stat priority list!

Covenant Cloth Armor

blood elf selfless watcher's kyrian covenant cloth armor

Covenant armor in Shadowlands is an excellent way to start gearing up your character. Fully upgraded these pieces are ilevel 197. There are pieces for 9 armor slots: Head, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Wrist, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet.

To acquire covenant armor simply proceed with your Covenant Campaign and you will incrementally get pieces as you progress.

You can upgrade your covenant armor in your Covenant Sanctum, for a full guide on the process you can view the full How to Upgrade Covenant Armor guide on Warcraft Tavern. Note that upgrading all the covenant armor requires a significant amount of Anima.

ItemSlotCampaign Chapter
faewoven handwraps Faewoven HandwrapsHandsChapter 3
faewoven tunic Faewoven TunicChestChapter 3
faewoven sandals Faewoven SandalsFeetChapter 4
faewoven cuffs Faewoven CuffsWristChapter 5
faewoven sash Faewoven SashWaistChapter 5
faewoven amice Faewoven AmiceShoulderChapter 5
faewoven leggings Faewoven LeggingsLegsChapter 6
faewoven drape Faewoven DrapeBackChapter 7
faewoven cowl Faewoven CowlHeadChapter 7

Crafted Cloth Armor

For gear prior to your Covenant Armor we recommend using the Shadowlace tailoring gear to get started. If you are not a tailor you can also purchase it on the auction house. These items are ilevel 151 by default, although they can also be found at ilevel 168 thanks to crafter's mark Crafter’s Mark II, which is purchasable from Ve’nari in The Maw using stygia Stygia.

World Quests, Mission Table, Tribute Rewards

Various items can be acquired through World Quests in Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth at varying ilevels (based upon your current ilevel and Covenant Renown). Additionally a lot of the same items, as well as different ones, can be acquired through the Mission Table or from Tribute Rewards from Covenant Callings such as tribute of the paragon Tribute of the Paragon.

It’s worth noting that item rewards from World Quests scale with your item level with a cap as to how high it can go based upon your Covenant Renown level, so as you continue to improve your gear and increase your renown it’s still beneficial to watch World Quests for rewards that may be better than what you currently have equipped even if it’s the same item.

BoE Cloth Armor

Dungeon Cloth Armor

sash of exquisite acquisitions Sash of Exquisite AcquisitionsWaistDealer Xy’exaDe Other Side
dealer xy'exa's cape Dealer Xy’exa’s CapeBackDealer Xy’exaDe Other Side
windscale moccasins Windscale MoccasinsFeetHakkar the SoulflayerDe Other Side
manastorm's magnificent threads Manastorm’s Magnificent ThreadsChestMillificent ManastormDe Other Side
mueh'zala's hexthread sarong Mueh’zala’s Hexthread SarongLegsMueh’zalaDe Other Side
cord of the dark word Cord of the Dark WordWaistHigh Adjudicator AleezHalls of Atonement
stonefiend shaper's mitts Stonefiend Shaper’s MittsHandsEchelonHalls of Atonement
slippers of leavened station Slippers of Leavened StationFeetLord ChamberlainHalls of Atonement
sinlight shroud Sinlight ShroudChestHalkiasHalls of Atonement
tricksprite gloves Tricksprite GlovesHandsMistcallerMists of Tirna Scithe
cocoonsilk cowl Cocoonsilk CowlHeadTred’ovaMists of Tirna Scithe
deathshackle wristwraps Deathshackle WristwrapsWristsIngra MalochMists of Tirna Scithe
ingra maloch's mantle Ingra Maloch’s MantleShouldersIngra MalochMists of Tirna Scithe
mitts of flawless duplication Mitts of Flawless DuplicationHandsDomina VenombladePlaguefall
depraved physician's mask Depraved Physician’s MaskHeadDoctor IckusPlaguefall
stradama's misplaced slippers Stradama’s Misplaced SlippersFeetGlobgrogPlaguefall
leggings of the erudite scholar Leggings of the Erudite ScholarLegsMargrave StradamaPlaguefall
blighted margrave's cloak Blighted Margrave’s CloakBackMargrave StradamaPlaguefall
cowl of the devoted general Cowl of the Devoted GeneralHeadGeneral KaalSanguine Depths
beryllia's leggings of endless torment Beryllia’s Leggings of Endless TormentLegsGrand Proctor BerylliaSanguine Depths
essence surge binders Essence Surge BindersWristsKryxis the VoraciousSanguine Depths
castigator's mantle Castigator’s MantleShouldersExecutor TarvoldSanguine Depths
cloak of enveloping manifestations Cloak of Enveloping ManifestationsBackExecutor TarvoldSanguine Depths
kin tara's baleful cord Kin-Tara’s Baleful CordWaistKin-TaraSpires of Ascension
dark stride footwraps Dark Stride FootwrapsFeetVentunaxSpires of Ascension
sinister requiem vestments Sinister Requiem VestmentsChestDevosSpires of Ascension
purge protocol legwraps Purge Protocol LegwrapsLegsOryphrionSpires of Ascension
drape of twisted loyalties Drape of Twisted LoyaltiesBackDevosSpires of Ascension
gory surgeon's gloves Gory Surgeon’s GlovesHandsSurgeon StitchfleshThe Necrotic Wake
abominable visage Abominable VisageHeadBlightboneThe Necrotic Wake
necropolis lord's shackles Necropolis Lord’s ShacklesWristsNalthor the RimebinderThe Necrotic Wake
reanimator's mantle Reanimator’s MantleShouldersAmarthThe Necrotic Wake
fallen empress's cord Fallen Empress’s CordWaistMordretha, the Endless EmpressTheater of Pain
soulsewn vestments Soulsewn VestmentsChestKul’tharokTheater of Pain
contaminated gauze wristwraps Contaminated Gauze WristwrapsWristsGorechopTheater of Pain
plague licked amice Plague-Licked AmiceShouldersDessia the DecapitatorTheater of Pain

PvP Cloth Rewards

These PvP cloth rewards are rather easy to obtain. They can be purchased with honor Honor, which can be relatively easily acquired through unrated battlegrounds. These items start out at item level 158 and can be upgraded inexpensively to higher item levels with additional Honor points.

To redeem your Honor points and purchase one of these items you can find the Vendors in Oribos. For detailed information you can view the Shadowlands PvP Vendors, Rewards, & Gear guide on Warcraft Tavern.

sinful aspirant's cape Sinful Aspirant’s CapeBack525 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's drape Sinful Aspirant’s DrapeBack525 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's cloak Sinful Aspirant’s CloakBack525 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk wristwraps Sinful Aspirant’s Silk WristwrapsWrist525 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk cord Sinful Aspirant’s Silk CordWaist700 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk mantle Sinful Aspirant’s Silk MantleWaist700 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk gloves Sinful Aspirant’s Silk GlovesHands700 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk treads Sinful Aspirant’s Silk TreadsFeet700 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk leggings Sinful Aspirant’s Silk LeggingsLegs875 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk hood Sinful Aspirant’s Silk HoodHead875 honor Honor
sinful aspirant's silk robe Sinful Aspirant’s Silk RobeChest875 honor Honor

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